WhatsApp New Update Increased The Group Member Count From 100 to 256

The world’s most popular instant messaging app WhatsApp released an update which would make many users happy. WhatsApp has now released an update on its app which can support more than 100 members within a group. Previously it wasn’t supported 100+ members in a group which was a disappointment for some people, but now the app allows adding for up to 256 members to a WhatsApp group. And whereas normal users will be happy, there are others who would be feel happy when they heard the news.

As for earlier versions, each group could add only 100 members and this was a problematic for bigger groups who wish to add more members. However, many people may not be using the groups to its complete capacity; WhatsApp has improved it to 256, up by more than 150%. So you can start adding more members to your current group if you required more.

The recent update (v2.12.437) is available on WhatsApp.com. You can download manually from its official site or google play store and install it. IOS users can also download the new update for larger groups. Whereas Windows users need to wait for some time till the update for them is available.

However we are still not happy with WhatsApp for not facilitating the feature that needs a user to support the group admin before being added to a group. We are currently seeing a growth in the figure of people being added to a spamming group, spammed with a burst of messages and instantaneously being kicked from the group after that. If the user had the choice to approve being part of a group, he could have escaped from the spam completely. Hope WhatsApp implements the feature in upcoming days.


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