Top 5 Android launchers for your Smartphone

Top 5 Android launchers for your Smartphone

In Google Play Store there are many Android launchers available and all of these come with refreshingly new themes. Here are the top five Android launchers.

Don’t you agree that if you look at your phone daily over and over with same icons, launcher and themes you’ve felt bored on phone? So for these reasons we have some Android launchers in Google Play to change a look for your phone. It will change your mobile entire look and you can apply new themes of that launcher, there are many launchers and many themes in Google Play Store. After we’ve trying many launchers here we took top 5 Android launchers in that for you. Take a look:

Nova Launcher 

Nova Launcher is probably one of the finest top Android launchers right now. It modifies the appearance and touch of the mobile without affecting the mobile’s performance in any manner. Nova offers a wide list of functions to choose the work that smoothly.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher has a lot of themes and you can also select the size of icons, how they perform and their theme. An arc, rounded, rectangular, or platform dock background can be selected, which will stand out at the lowest of your screen. You can select any image as wallpaper or simply leave it coloured and adjust the transparency for the same. You can also set the screen orientation to force portrait, auto-rotate, force landscape or let it continue default.

You can select the many applications that will perform in every row or column from the ‘Desktop Grid’ choice or select to see frequently used applications in the top row. You can simply set the colour and transparency for background choice the widgets in the widget drawer to look like as vertical, horizontal or grouped. You can allow or disable the endless scrolling options. Nova also offers an import feature that permits you to import home screen options from other launchers in case you select to change the Mobile.

Nova Launcher 2

Nova Prime, a paid version of the application, takes personalisation to a different level with extra scroll effects; gestures, which straight take you to your favourite apps by double-tapping or pinching on the home screen. It also offers the ability to make new folders in the application drawer. Nova is fast and permits smooth scrolling and transition of apps. The app helps in enhancing both appearances and performance of the mobile, that too in a more customised way.

Hola Launcher 

Set Hola Launcher as the default launcher and you will unexpectedly find that the appearance of your mobile has improved totally (for good). You will see that numerous icons have been improved and all of your applications have been re-organised in categories such as Education, Media, and Shopping etc. Though, the best significant modifications are the addition of the new Hola Club, Personalise, Hola Picks, Hola Shine, Hola Boost+ icons and alphabetical ordering in the app drawer.

Hola Launcher

The Personalize option looks right on your home screen and you can select from a lot of themes and wallpapers online ranging from latest to categories such as Animation & Cartoon, Sci-fi & Tech, 3D and Landscapes. Landscape theme includes Jolly Christmas, winter beach, Shooting Stars and many more. Similarly Animation & Cartoon comes with Cartoony, Kitten Pink, Christmas Vogue etc… and 3D with Spaceship, Jellyfish, and Flame. These can be downloaded from Google Play store.

 One of the finest features that the app offers is Hola Shine, which displays you the recent and most regular apps in a semi-circle pop-up on the right corner of the display. Moreover, a tap on the Hola Boost icon cleans RAM. If you are in the fun mood, then try Shuffle, which randomly changes the images on display. You can set this selection or continue shuffling to get more options. Hola also comes with a benefit feature called Hola Picks that displays you sponsored ads, and a list of apps and games that you can download/install.

Hola Launcher 2

Hola sets itself apart with the Holazine feature that displays news content from all over the world websites. You can also personalise your news feed to see only Sports or Science & Tech, Entertainment and Business. For example, when I selected Tech & Science and the app showed me stories from international sites such as Wired and Mashable.


APUS is looks like Hola launcher in many ways. To start with, APUS also sets your application drawer in an alphabetical order and revamps your mobile to provide it brand new icons and wallpaper. APUS will also arrange your applications by placing them in categories such as Social, Photography, Entertainment, Game etc. The application has an online store named APUS Discovery that features games and apps. Moreover, you can download/install themes like Travel, Valentine, Taste of Life, Real-life etc… from the APUS Discovery store, which appear under the Beautify category. It also displays the applications that are trending and takes you to Google Play store in case if you wish to download them.

Apus Launcher

The application comes with APUS Boost that cleans RAM, which is important for seamless performance of applications. APUS does have an edge over Hola in terms of the News Feed as the APUS headlines section is wider and based on your place. It has a section for top politics, stories, lifestyle, sports, entertainment and business. You can also share a news article immediately with friends on social networking sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

Then there’s APUS Know, a label that hangs on your homepage. You can pull it down to open news updates section and keep pulling to go from one story to another. APUS creates scrolling through your mobile or news feed really cool.

Apus Launcher 2

APUS offers an amount of themes like Glassy Sky, The Tiger, India Gate, Lover, and Sailing Trip etc… which can be download/installed for free. It also comes with the features of use such as Power + that can manage your mobile’s battery life and Free Swipe that takes you to a list of recently used applications. You can select from scrolling effects like Classic, Crossfade, Cube and Tumbling from the APUS Tools folder.

Solo Launcher 

Solo Launcher is more personalised and automatically sets the regularly used applications on the home screen. Plus it offers DIY features such as setting any image from the mobile’s gallery as icons that too in numerous shapes like star, circle etc. Solo as well comes bundled with a many utility functions like Solo Boost to clean cache and Solo Torch. You can also download other function applications such as Solo App Lock, Battery Saver, Deep Jungle theme and Wi-Fi key master that permits you to connect to shared hotspots.

Solo Launcher

Solo launcher carefully sets your applications in the application drawer in the alphabetical way, but does not generate smart folders based on categories like APUS or Hola. On the home screen, you will find a Shuffle icon that permits you chooses wallpapers randomly. New wallpapers are set every time you press Shuffle, which you can set or shuffle again. Solo launcher is a very light application and also, will not adjust the appearance and feel of your mobile drastically. It is designed for those seeing at basic but more personalised modifications in mobile.

 Solo Gestures is what I enjoyed the most. The feature lets you set shortcuts for applications with simple gestures like Swipe Down, Swipe up, Pinch In, Pinch Out, Double Tap (Two Fingers etc.). The application also has its private search option called Solo Search which displays news, videos and ads on the home page.

Solo Launcher 2

With Beautify feature, you can install the wallpapers and themes of your choice. In fact, you can even choose how texts on your mobile looks from selections like Comic font, Fashion font, Dyslexic font, Handwrite font etc. You will, however, want to install HI-Font additionally to use these fonts on your mobile. Also, there is DIY Solo Locker that allows you to set photos from gallery in the background while unlocking your mobile, an application that you have download/install individually again.

Go Launcher 

GO Launcher, in my view is the simplest of all Android launchers and offers you with basic, minimum choices. By default, it sets your applications in an alphabetical way, but is not accompanied by every letter as we scroll down in the application drawer. GO launcher offers right to left scrolling as we generally find in our Android phones. The application comes with a selection to boost the mobile’s memory by clearing unless cache.

Go Launcher 2

The application offers simple gestures, such as swipe down to open the search option or long press on the home screen to edit it or add applications and change schemes and wallpapers. GO Launcher offers an amount of wallpapers to select from, as well as those which are new and popular. Presently, it has an option of ‘Merry Christmas’ themed wallpapers. As you select specific wallpaper, you will notice that the application will pop up an image filter box and you can choose from filters like Sunset, Film, Dream, Milk etc… to make the wallpapers more interesting. It has a lot more changeover effects such as Stack, Wave, Flip, Random, Crystal 3D and Ball 3D. You can change the application drawer background to an image from the gallery or choice the font and colour of application labels.

Go Launcher

One of the most valuable features of the GO Launcher is the Application Lock choice, which permits you to lock selected applications through a pattern. It is an in-built feature and you do not want to download extra applications to use this. GO Launcher is a perfect application for those who need their mobiles to look cool, work smartly with not so dramatic modifications. Also, the application offers great personalisation tools. On the look of it, you may sense that nothing much has different but you will see a major development in the way the mobile manages stuff.


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