Roja Gets Shock After Another Shock

Roja Gets Shock After Another Shock

RK Roja seems to have a bad time right now. Yesterday TDP legislator Bonda Umamaheshwar Rao made remarks on her stating that she had affair with various men. The vulgar comments shocked most of them. Even Political analysts condemned this talk from TDP legislator.

And now in Roja’s suspension issue, Supreme Court has ordered Roja to apologize for her comments and absurd behaviour in Assembly that earned her a suspension for one year.

Supreme Court has now suggested Roja to write an apology letter to speaker and make it clear that house has all the powers to suspend her for such a behaviour. Supreme Court also quoted an example of how Sisupaludu was forgiven by Lord Krishna for his 100 mistakes and asks both the parties to understand the situation.

Court also found fault with Roja’s version of apologizing only when she is allowed to enter Assembly. At the same time, on other hand, Roja claims to have been asked an explanation on the complete episode. Roja said that she never has any personal hatred against Chandrababu Naidu but she was suspended for raising concerns on social issues.


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