Pakistan Woman Gangraped On The Orders Of Panchayat Leaders

Islamabad: In Muzaffargarh district four men were allegedly gang raped a Pakistani woman on the orders of a Punchayat (village council) in punishment for ‘disgracing’ their family.

Bachal Mai who is 47 years old belonging to Lundi Pitafi village, which is near Jatoi, was allegedly abused for the reason that her husband’s younger brother Bilal had supposedly developed illegal affair with a girl.

Pakistan Woman Gangraped

Pakistan Woman Gangraped On The Orders Of Panchayat Leaders


Police stated that Bilal and his brother, along with Bachal Mai’s husband, were previously arrested for the reason of sexually assaulting the lady on the complaint of girl father Noor Mohammed.

Heads of Panchayat – Hafiz Ataullah Kehaland, Ghulam Mustafa, and Abdul Khaliq called them for compromise with aggrieved party on January 28 said by Bachal Mai along with her cousins Munir Hussain and Sabir Hussain.

In response of the appeal, Bachal Mai, her mother in-law Anwar Mai and male members of their family reached at the house of Noor Muhammad, father of the girl with whom Bilal was supposedly in a relationship.

The leaders of the Panchayat were requested them to go inside Noor’s house but they did not allow their men to go with them. As the women entered the house, seven men attacked them.

Four of the attackers, , Mohammed Hussain, Noor Mohammed Jam, Riaz Ahmed and Fayyaz, beaten Bachal Mai and grabbed her to a room where they allegedly raped her.

Bachal Mai appealed the attackers also bite on her chest. When their family members listened to the noise and cry of her, they immediately entered to the room, crushed the door of the room to and made her free from the grabs of the assaulters, Bachal Mai said. During this nightmare, the heads of Panchayat left from the scene.


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