New Adobe Flash Player Update is Available with 79 fixes

New Adobe Flash Player Update: Flash Player is a Adobe product which is used for executing multimedia steaming videos, it has had serious bugs with its constancy and its vulnerabilities became an advantage for many hackers and spied on people’s PCs, stealing confidential data. It took long period for the developers working under stress to fix many vulnerabilities which were making the software to be very exposed to hacking attacks and a few days ago was released version of adobe flash player to fix the vulnerabilities which are found by Security Bulletin APSB 15-32.

Adobe Flash Player Update is Available with 79 fixes

Adobe Flash Player contains heavy bugs with constancy and which hackers took advantage for to make their process easy. To crack these errors the developers took long time in the new version and mostly they cracked 79 CVE’s.  There are also few errors in the desktop versions of 19.0.0245 for Windows and Macintosh and Adobe has released new versions in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 10 and 11.

New Adobe Flash Player Update is Available with 79 fixes

Adobe Flash Player Update

In the month of September Adobe released new version after cracking 23 bugs, freshly they announced Flash Professional CC about its release of Animate CC by the next year which is useful to develop the HTML 5 content.

Mike Hanley, Program manager R&D and Duo Security posted that, “This is a appreciation that there is a future where Flash will no longer be a main platform on the web, but with no clear timeline or planned deprecation schedule, many legacy applications and web content will continue to rely on historically challenging platforms like Flash to get the widest possible adoption for years to come.”

If this take place all the embedded videos of the websites will crash quickly, consequently it is difficult do this still it has to be continued until the Animate is launched.

Wolfgang Kandek, CTO at Qualys said “All but three of the vulnerabilities could be used by an attacker to gain code execution running under the user in the browser, Flash-based attacks have been a favourite for attackers this year with many exploit kits providing very up-to-date exploits – include this in your high priority items.”


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