Man Commits Suicide By Hanging Himself For Kapu Reservation

Man Commits Suicide By Hanging Himself For Kapu ReservationA Man committed suicide by hanging himself at Collectorate Office in Kakinada over Kapu Garjana violence incident, found a suicide note in his pocket and mentioned that he was committing suicide over the demand of Kapu’s inclusion in BC Category. Kapu union leaders and Mudragada Padmanabham followers said that this violence had not done by Kapu people.

On Monday, Suri Babu found dead in the Kakinada Collectorate office building, has sent ripples among the residents here. He hanged himself to a dish antenna at the Development Office in the Collectorate building due to the current issue of kapu reservations system.  Citizens had reported this news to the notice of the Police.

The police had arrived on the incident place after that they found a suicide note in pocket of the suicide victim. “Kapus should be included in the BC list. I waited for Pawan Kalyan to bring some justice to the Kapus, but in the end it turned out to be just a dream. Pawan Kalyan said that his would a questioning party, but it turned out to be a party without questions. I wish that justice would be done at least through the Kapu Garjana” wrote Suri Babu.

Man Commits Suicide by Hanging Himself at Collectorate Office in Kakinada | Tuni Incident

As we know, that yesterday Kapu community members demanding reservation under Backward Class category turned out to be violent on 31st Jan 2016, with protesters setting fire on four coaches of Ratnachal Express at Tuni railway station in East Godavari district, stopping the train movement on the Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam division.




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