Luxury Prison For Mexican Criminals

Luxury Prison For Mexican Criminals

Last week, a prison riot took lives of 49 prisoners. The violence involved clashes between two gangs and it was a worst clash than 2014 prison riots. That clash also took place in the same state of Nuevo Leon. During 2014 riots, it resulted in deaths of 44 members. This time the death toll has risen to 49.

Authorities recovered more than 60 hammers, 80 Knives and 120 sickles. Due to this attack, all relatives and friends of the prisoners rushed to prison gates and they demand answers from authorities. They said they wanted to ensure that their relatives are safe. But authorities denied and they said they were safe.

They said all inmates are under watch of guards and local officials. As per report, state officials uncovered some 280 food and grocery stands, and found that numerous cells were fitted with mini-fridges, digital cable and even aquariums.

Now in a particular cell of Zetas leader Ivan Hernandez Cantu, they have found a King sized bed with a 40 inches flat screen Television. Also a lady was with him. Immediately Prison’s warden, superintendent and a guard were arrested for providing luxuries to criminals inside prison.


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