LG G5 In Upper Hand Than Samsung Galaxy S7

LG G5 In Upper Hand Than Samsung Galaxy S7

In the midst of the smartphone cold war, Samsung and LG showed off their most powerful lead handsets at the MWC 2016. Each and every smartphone is good in its individual field, but Samsung and LG are clashing head on for being the best. While both sport the best displays, chipsets and cameras, each has its specific USP based on the features.

Post the launch an initial benchmark test performed on the two handsets had something exciting to expose. The test was implemented on the LG G5 with the Snapdragon chipset and Samsung’s Galaxy S7 with the Exynos version. The result was LG beating Samsung.

While benchmarks on AnTuTu and Vellamo Metal proved LG taking the upper hand, Samsung surpassed LG on only the Vellamo Browser test. The benchmark test results were originally posted on PhoneArena.

LG G5 - Samsung Galaxy S7

However, one should know that benchmark tests usually mean nothing to the general user as design, comfort, features, and quality makes most of the decision-making rules for the end user. If you are into pure performance and care little for the rest of the device, these scores could matter you. But on another note, you should also know that the tests are done on handsets that are not yet available to the general market. These tests are also not confirmed true as they could also be performed on overclocked handsets, but there are no reports on the same. There are many devices out there that are specially optimized to perform better for benchmarking.


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