Jr NTR Says No More Experiment Stories

Jr NTR Says No More Experiment Stories

Jr NTR looks like to have taken the tagline of his previous movie Janatha Garage – ‘Ichata Anni Repairlu Cheyabadunu’ – too seriously albeit with a little modification – ‘Ichata Anni Kadhalu Vinabadunu’. Yes, you read it right. Jr NTR is at present on a listening spree where he is catering his full time to listen to stories.

First it was Vakkantham Vamsi’s turn. As per the Kalyan Ram, Jr NTR wasn’t so overwhelmed with Vamsi’s story and hence he has moved on. Writer–director Anil Ravipudi has narrated two stories. However Jr NTR has liked the first story in which protagonist would perform a visually challenged person, Jr NTR look like to have turned down as he is in no mood to do experiments at this moment of his career.

Seemingly, Jr NTR has as well liked Anil’s second story on which Anil is at present working on. Tarak said that he’d comeback to Anil in 15 days and Anil is frequently in touch with Jr NTR and constantly taking the changes in the script to Jr NTR’s notice. As well as director Bobby (of Sardaar Gabbar Singh fame) has told a story to Tarak and Tarak as well liked it.

In the meantime, director Vinayak and Jr NTR are as well in talks for Adhurs consequence. Moreover this, a couple of other directors has as well said the stories to Jr NTR. Seems like, Jr NTR is very conscious about selecting his next as it is coming right after Janatha Garage. As of at present, quandary on NTR’s next continues and one needs to wait and see to who’ll get the chance to work with NTR.

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