Jaipal Reddy’s Pointed Out Congress Wrong Steps

Jaipal Reddy’s Pointed Out Congress Wrong Steps

There is a huge chaos and argument going on about the matter which is related to the JNU students shouting anti-India slogans and supporting the terrorist Afzal Guru as a hero. The stance taken by the leading government BJP and right now they are doing a picture on discussion and leading this is the Congress party.

Only for the actuality that they are in opposition side and they have to oppose entirety the government does, the Congress party is recklessly supporting the JNU students and their actions. On the other hand, their own senior person and a wise leader are at present giving an eye opener to them.

He is none other than S Jaipal Reddy who has been a hard core supporter of Congress and a very senior leader in Indian politics. As per the reports, Jaipal Reddy had a described on argument with the Congress High Command and pointed out on the crucial fault that the party is doing.

Whereas he justified Congress’s support on Rohit Vemula’s suicide, he has pointed out that Congress is doing an incorrect step by interfering in the JNU student’s matter. As such, Congress has not ever observed to our leaders be it the Telangana matter or whatever thing else so it has to be realised if Reddy’s voice will be heard.


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