It Seems MLA Bonda Mouth Is Worst Than RK Roja

It Seems MLA Bonda Mouth Is Worst Than RK Roja

Telugu Desam Party MLA Bonda Umamaheshwar Rao seems to be another cheap foul mouth to represent TDP. If YSR Congress Party MLA RK Roja is ugly, he is even uglier. RK Roja herself spoiled her reputation by speaing so cheap. Now Bonda has done it on Roja.

And now he got away because he is the ruling party. And no one, even TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu nor Assembly Speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao never even bothered to take action on this foul mouth.

During a Television debate, Bonda said Roja herself threw a bad light om her  and he said that Supreme Court had not asked her to apologize to Naidu or Dalit MLA Anitha in the House but had asked her only to give her explanation.

It has to be noted that Roja already apologized to Anitha for her comments and she took back her words before the Privileges Committee. But Bonda says, just a sorry is not convinved and he said Roja should wash the feet of Anitha, prostrate before her and tender unconditional apology.


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