In India 950 Million People Are Not Using Internet

In India 950 Million People Are Not Using Internet

India may perhaps have the world’s second biggest internet operator base, however connectivity leftovers out of reach for almost 950 million populations, a report said today. “Even with the internet data tactics in India being between the low-priced in the world and the normal retail price of smartphones little by little decreasing, connectivity is still out of the reach of closely 950 million Indians,” according to the Assocham-Deloitte joint study

India at present has around 350 million Internet operators, second only to China. Internet penetration is growing in India and the access to reasonable broadband, smart devices and monthly data packages are necessary to spread digital literacy to make their ends meet, the study titled ‘Strategic national measures to combat cyber-crime’ said.

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Current government organization assets should be further leveraged for provision of digital facilities at distant sites, it said. The study added that digital literacy requires to be enlarged by providing institutional trainings in schools, colleges and universities. It pitched for speed up partnerships with global technology leaders and using the employees trained under Skill India to impart training’s.

A combined method among Digital India and Skill India requires to be constructed to design programmes and impart training, it said. The report called for incentivising private sector players for developing organization, providing facilities and promoting digital literacy as part of the Digital India programme.


“Start-ups should be involved to create and modify apps to local needs to increase adoption of digital technology,” it said adding that a framework needs to be defined for participation of private area in skill development programs defining their role, anticipations in terms of investments, content and job guarantees. Moreover, integration of local language and technology is as well necessary to drive digital literacy.

The report said terror of cyber-crime and break of privacy have been preventions in adoption of digital technologies in the country. With the intention of inspire people to shift to digital means, it is important to deliver awareness and education on cyber security, risks and safeguarding of data on the internet, it said.


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