‘Homefront: The Revolution’ Releasing on May 17th In US

When swapping studios two times, Homefront: The Revolution will lastly be released in North America on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 on May 17th, although Europe and other areas will guy it on May 20th. People who got impressed in a former look, a beta will come out exclusively to game consoles in the month of February. The innovative rebel shooter is the consequence to the original Homefront, and has the same Red Dawn -style principle of a foreign rule (North Korea, of course) occupying the US. Dissimilar to the original, yet, the game starts in an open world, namely dystopian Philadelphia in the year 2030.

‘Homefront: The Revolution’ Releasing on May 17th In US

'Homefront: The Revolution' Releasing on May 17th In US

The original Homefront was developed by Kaos Studios, with story narrating from none other than John Milius, the director of the original Red Dawn. It ultimately done with Crysis maker Crytek after Kaos’ parent company THQ went out of order and sold off its properties. Though, Crytek had its personal problems in 2014 and sold off Homefront to publisher Deep Silver, which is launching the game under the new Deep Silver Dambuster Studios label.

Apart from confused history, the gameplay puts you in the skin of scrappy US rebel Ethan Brady, fighting the high-tech “KPA” North Korean army with home-made blasts, small drones and other dangerous weapons. However your struggles may not cause a massive influence, the indication is to gain public support to ultimately gain success. Given the Crytek association, the game will provide the entire audiovisual atmosphere you’d expect, as well as features like technical daylight and dynamic weather.


Homefront: The Revolution “This is Philadelphia” Trailer (Official) 


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