Government Will Submit The Draft Policy For Scrap Page System Of Old Automobile Shares

Government will submit the draft procedure for scrap page system of old automobile shares, by the end of this month. , said on Thursday.

The government anxious on Road Transport and Heavy Trades and Initiatives are functioning on it currently.

Government Will Submit The Draft Policy For Scrap Page

Government Will Submit The Draft Policy For Scrap Page System Of Old Automobile Shares

“We are going to submit this policy to the Cabinet I am inviting every valuable suggestions on this plan at the end of this month,” Nitin Gadkari, Minster of Road Transport, said at the inauguration of the Auto Expo.

Old automobiles can be scrapped with certain inducements to the auto mobile production and they can use the inland water ways for transporting their vehicles. He said with the development of ports in the country,

“We are building three centres in Varanasi, Haldia and Sahibganj — we have already finalised. We will start the work of this multi-model hub before March,” he said, updating about the inland water ways projects.

“I request you for suggestions about on the transportation of your vehicle by sea ways. Earlier, we have taken a decision to create 111 rivers for water ways. It has been accepted in the Lok Sabha and at present we are waiting for the Higher House to take a conclusion,” he said.

He also said the automobile commerce has highly developed with expansion of production since last 10 years and now it’s time to think about innovative technologies and innovations.

“We need innovative research and opportunities for new plans to do improvements and I am assured that they will originate by inviting the new research and technologies,”

So, the government is not ready to compromise on background and will present BS-VI norms from 2020. He said.

“The departments concerned have decided that from April 1, 2020 that norm will be made mandatory. We aren’t concerning about the fuel. That will be my duty. I am taking endless follow ups with the fuel minister and at any cost I will see the accessibility of that fuel,” he added.

The Minister of Heavy Trades and Enterprises Anant Geete also praised Gadkari and stated that the industry has to make them prepared by formerly.


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