Google Removes 13 Android apps from Google Play Store

Google Removes 13 Android apps from the Google Play store. The organization has removed the apps after it was told by the security expert team that these applications made unapproved transfer to the Android gadgets.

These applications attempt to get the root privileges and when they approved, it will transfer several device files handset records to the system partition the handset will go unresponsive even after factor resetting the device.

A security researcher named Chris Dehghanpoor from Lookout mobile security exposed the malicious files. The researcher said that the apps will only automatically show high number of downloads and they also show up positive app reviews on the Google Play Store without granting the user authorization so as to increase its figure of downloads.

Google Removes 13 Android apps from Google Play Store

The rundown of applications excluded from the Google Play store includes Honeycomb, Just Fire, Cake Blast, Crazy Block, Drag Box, Tiny Puzzle, Jump Planet, Ninja Hook, Piggy Jump, Eat Bubble, Hit Planet, Cake Tower, and Crazy Jelly.

Dehghanpoor states that one can delete the malware by re-flashing a ROM provided by the device’s manufacturer. This is for the reason that malware can counterattack the factory reset process.

“It looks like that over 2-3 months, the malware developers used dissimilar names, games, and techniques to see what app they could publish in Play while flying under the radar,” said the researcher.

It was described last year in November that a similar malware family named as Shedun was harming Android devices. This Android malware was spotted to download unwanted apps. Similarly, it was misusing vulnerability in Android with which different ways were made conceivable for the malware to cooperate with the infected device. Stimulatingly, the lawbreakers who did this have allegedly teamed up with users and guaranteed them 100 percent ad display and installation.



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