Facebook Anniversary Is Celebrating With Its Users

It’s been 12 years since Facebook has launched, today Facebook turns 12, and the social network is celebrating the occasion with a custom slider video for millions of users recalling our rich past of spending a great time on Facebook. Facebook is creating friendship collages to its 1.6 billion users, which is calling as “Friends Day,”. This meant to rejoice real-life friendships through pictures and life events on occasion of its 12th anniversary. However, it is not clear why Facebook to promote its explosive evolution over the past half-decade.

Facebook Anniversary Is Celebrating With Its Users

The collages contain the collection of friends photos, family photos and events which have been previously posted on Facebook are created as video presentation. The photos are selected out by automatically by Facebook, although we have an option to select custom posts and pictures.

Firstly the videos won’t be seen by anyone else unless a user selects to share the video.

Facebook has automatically posted an automatically generated video at the top of everyone’s Facebook feeds by noon Thursday, which the Menlo Park, California, company is greeting as “Friends Day.”

Facebook Anniversary Is Celebrating With Its Users

It overlaps with the 12th anniversary of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg starting the social network in his Harvard University dorm room.

Since 2011, the company increased twice its number of regular users to 1.59 billion people.

Facebook users can see their own Friends Day video posted on the top of the News Feed. User who is interested can also view or create your own by clicking “watch yours” at the bottom of a friends’ video. “That’s what the best movements do. You find ways to keep it focused on the needs of the community, and it’s not about you,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement. “And that’s the conclusion of Friends Day. We sensed like the world was making it greatly about us and it’s not about us.”


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