Cyber Security Critical for Digital India Success

Cyber Security Critical for Digital India Success

While talking at the third version of ‘Cyber Security India 2016’, Shri Peeyush Agrawal, Member – Technology, Department of Telecommunications, Govt. of India told that the Government of India is thinking very strong about the cyber security and is taking all the mandatory creativities in this direction. The third International Conference on Cyber Security India 2016 was organized by Bharat Exhibitions.

The meeting circled about on the developing and carry on cyber threat, more so in the shifting landscape of internet of things.

Shri Agrawal additional added, “The industry wants clever and powerful tools to guard the network which requirements to be completely protected. Special guard is compulsory, which the service provider has understood.”  According to him, it has turned into very serious for the senior organization of the company to focus on this part of their business.

Cyberspace dashes almost every single part of our daily lives through broadband networks, wireless signals, local networks, and the huge networks that control our nation. Protecting against and crushing cyber-attacks will need the joint struggles of both the public and private divisions, working to improve new technologies and new approaches, for continuing maintain real-time guard of their separate networks. With many of the business using open source due to cost implications, the cyber risk not just turn into a reality but dangerous for the business.

“Safeguarding Digital India is a national importance, and we at Black duck have faith in that we can do our portion by removing the security susceptibility threats related with the use of open source. In doing so, we trust the promise of Digital India can be brought rapidly and cost efficiently,” told by Mr. Adam Clay, VP – World Wide Sales, Blackduck Software.

“From the time when telecom is the support of all the serious business, such as banking, telecommunications, defence, transport etc., we as the service provider have to be on a constant alert. Wherever there is a security breach, we have to classify such risks and close that gap by keeping a close watch and proactively work on meeting such security threats,” told by Mr. Rajesh Rampal, CIO, Aircel.

According to Mr. Shashi Dharan, Managing Director, Bharat Exhibitions, “Security breaches and security governance are two actual significant parts which wants to be addressed on continues source as far as cyber security threats are troubled.”

“With many of the businesses having moved over to the cloud, they have started depending on the security plugs of the service providers. On the other hand, there is a need to protect the separate infrastructure with internet of things coming in to play. We want to turn into more aware of shielding data floating over interior infrastructure across several points,” told by Mr. Vijay Sethi, CIO, Hero MotoCorp Ltd.

Making it truly global platform to conduct business, global majors engaged in the business of cyber security such as; Blackduck Software, F5, Checkpoint had sponsored the event.

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