Coconut Oil Health and Beauty Benefits

Coconut Oil Health and Beauty Benefits

Every one of us knows about the health and beauty benefits with coconut oil. Most of the people use it for to grow their hair and to pervert from hair fall. Some of the peoples are use it for increase the quality of the hair. But many of us do not know about the other beauty benefits. We tell you here some of the tips.

1. For Skin

Mix Sugar with coconut oil and scrub it on the skin. Apply it for ten minutes to eliminate all the dead cells current on the skin. This as well allows to smoothening the skin. And by replacing sugar with salt it will help us to get free of infections, pimples and blemishes.

2. For Teeth

Don’t use toothpastes, avoid them. They have more number of chemicals these days. The harmless and chemical free toothpaste is to clean with coconut oil and salt on your teeth. This will help you to get healthy, cavity free and sparkling teeth.

3. For Teeth

We all knew that coconut oil stops hair fall and benefits in grow hair. At the same time mixing it with lemon juice and put on on hair will stop Grey hair from appearing.


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