Chalasani Srinivas Ends His Hunger Strike Like Its Nothing

Chalasani Srinivas Ends His Hunger Strike Like Its Nothing

Chalasani Srinivas ends his hunger strike, with which he wished-for to attain superior position to Andhra Pradesh. The special position Sadhana Samithi president stated to quit hunger strike when he was assured of state government’s constant pressure on the center until they announce the desired. AP Minister Prathipati Pulla Rao and MLA Prabhakar succeeded in convincing Chalasani in this aspect and made him end the strike.

The state government set aside quiet in this regard, in a forced intention to continue good relation with center as fighting back and non-cooperation leads to nothing. But Chalasani is thought to have that intention and knowledge plenty to give a strong fight in this context. This senior leader stood tight in the duration of the state bifurcation on par with Telangana hard worker KCR on the other bay.

When KCR’s long stubborn and intense agitation for years won them Telangana state, Chalasani has got everything but is failing to steer the forces into an indestructible and shatter-proof power. His lack of ability in leading state and public towards a single point is what makes him different from mind-bender KCR. Needless to mention the advantages a politician like KCR enjoys, which an intellectual like Chalasani cannot. No matter how he intensifies things with his hunger strikes and agitations, Chalasani can never do like KCR and he never become like him.


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