Cameron Diaz Perfectly Clarifies How Fame Will Not Bring You Happiness

I sensed that in this little Cameron Diaz Perfectly Clarifies  great vision and sense when clearing up the significance of fame and in what way if you are considering for fame to carry you happiness that you will not find it. I think it’s vital to note she is not in any way saying she does not appreciate her fame or achievement but that she is just asserting if your only reason for wanting to be famous is to be happy then it will end critically for you.

If you watch to the end of the video she has a mainly touching story about the loss of her father that I think many people who have suffered loss in their life will be able to relate to

Cameron Diaz Perfectly Clarifies In 1 Minute How Fame Will Not Bring You Happiness 

We live in a world where everybody looks to want to be famous. So I think this short but influential clip will act as a wakeup call to many and confidently keep people on the true path and be able to distinct fame from happiness.



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