Because Of Air Pollution More Than 5 Million People Are Dying

Because Of Air Pollution More Than 5 Million People Are Dying

A stunning report revealed that due to the household and outdoor air pollution more than 5 million people are died recently. India and China is the major responsible for 55% of these deaths. According to the reports it is heard that in china due to the air pollution 1.6 million people are died and in India 1.4 million are died.

This information was collected in the year of 2013. Also it is heard from the International team of researchers from India, China, Canada and the US expecting that the numbers of the death will increase to new heights in coming years and more aggressive marks are estimated.

This information was presented at the 2016 annual conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Washington, DC. Michael Brauer that who is the professor at University of British Columbia’s School of Population and Public Health in Vancouver in Canada said that, “Air Pollution is one of the crucial danger issues and many people are died due to this air pollution, the only way to stop these deaths which causing with air pollution, is just reduce the Air pollution to improve the health of the pollution. Power plants, Vehicle exhausts and Burning of coal releases the small particles and they are injurious to the health.”


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