10 Fake Documents That Changed The World

10: The Protocols of the elders of zion(1903)

First published in Russia, this book is an antisemitic hoax claiming to document a secret jewish plan to take over the world.

Its authors remain unknown, but the contents were widely reported as fact throughout the world With the like of henry ford helping popularize it by distributing 500,000 copies in America alone

Despite being exposed as fraudulent in 1921, the protocols were used by several regimes as a reason to persecute Jews. In nazi Germany, one of the first anti-Semitic measures was a boycott of Jewish

Stores in 1933, which was justified as a defence against the elder’s Zion.


9: Memoirs if MR. Hempher(1868)

This fake autobiographical account of a British spy named Hempher, Supposedly provides evidence of a British plan to destroy Islam and the Ottoman Empire.

Published in Turkey, the memoir recounts Hempher’s supposed mission to weaken Muslim morals by encouraging alcohol and fornication.

The document even says that 5,000 British spies has infiltrated the Ottoman Empire, with 100,000 more to follow.


  1. Tanaka Memorial (1927)

Japanese prime Minister Tanaka Giichi is said to have authored this alleged plan for world domination on behalf of emperor Hirohito.

The plan lists order of the countries Janpan Would conquer and, as the real events of Japanese. Expansion during the war mirrored those in the document, its caused panic.


  1. Rember the maine

As the Spanish Empire dwindled in the late 19th Century American businessmen became

Concerned over their investments Spanish colonies sugar, tobacco and iron industries

Newspapers, under the control of joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst, began reporting fake news about Spanish death camps.


6. Letters of Lentulus

The letter of lentulus is fake document from the medieval era that was thought to accurately describe Jesus appearance.

The letter was supposedly sent to the Roman Senate after written by pubiius Lentuins, the governor of Judea prior Pontius pilate.


5. Donation of Costantine

This forged Roman imperial document states that Emperor Constantine transferred authority of Rome and the western parts of te Roman Empire to the pope.


4. Zinoview Letter

The Zinoview Letter changed the face of British politics for 20 years & fundamentally

damaged Angio-Soviet relations in the Lead up to world war two.


  1. Operation Mincemeat

In 1943 during world war two, the dead body of a British soldr was found

Floating off the coast of spain.


  1. Infektion (1983)

In 1983, an Indian newspaper published a report from an American scientist claiming that the Aids virus was man-made and had been created by the pentagon.


  1. Yellowcake uranium

As early as 2001, Italian military intelligence agency, SISMI,

Provided the CIA with documents claiming to show.

10 Fake Documents That Changed The World 


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