Is Khaidi Makers Are Disappointed With Ram Charan?

Is Khaidi Makers Are Disappointed With Ram Charan

Is Khaidi Makers Are Disappointed With Ram Charan?

The movie makers of Chiranjeevi’s Khaidi No.150 are seemingly disappointed with junior boss and Mega Power Star Ram Charan. Apparently, the team are upset with the low payments remunerated by producer Ram Charan.

From the time when it’s Chiranjeevi’s 150th movie, everyone in the team supposed to have anticipated a good pay, but, it isn’t the case. Pouring cold water on their hopes, the crew were paid less compared to what they’re paid regularly.

Even many actors in the movie were reportedly paid less than their usual remuneration. A team of senior producers are working as co-producers for the movie to cut the production costs without affecting the quality of movie.

Director VV Vinayak, who is very close to Chiranjeevi & Charan, hasn’t yet discussed about his remuneration with them till date. Whereas the rest of the crew have been settled with little remuneration. If anyone asks about it, they’d be persuaded to accept the less pay for this time around.

Technicians, who have expected a big fat pay cheque for the film, are left disappointed with what they got at the end. On other hand, Reportedly Charan has pocketed over Rs 20 Crore profits by selling off the film. Looks like, producer Ram Charan seems to have mastered the art of producer’s job so quickly. What say folks?